Purfurred Pets - Hemp Oil for Cats & Dogs (200mg CBD)


The Purfurred Hemp Oil for Cats tincture supplements your cat’s diet while targeting specific concerns. The formulation was created specifically for cat nutrition and contains only two ingredients: CBD and olive oil.

The Purfurred Hemp Oil for Dogs tincture is a nutritional supplement that targets specific concerns while supporting a healthy diet. Formulated with three nourishing ingredients—hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil—this tincture is a healthy addition to your dog’s daily routine. Support your pup’s active lifestyle and provide them with nourishment with the Hemp Oil for Dogs tincture. 

Premium quality raw hemp oil for pets.

Purfurred CBD Oil Drops for Pets is an herbal hemp oil supplement packed with phytonutrients to support and promote overall wellness of your pet. Does your pet have troubles with loud thunderstorms? Do loud noises or voices often make them irritable? Cater to your pet by offering relief from the effects of everyday stress and anxiety of pet life.


  • 1 oz bottle (200mg CBD)
  • Natural, unflavored hemp oil

CBD Strength


CBD Benefits

CBD Pure Beauty just wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t believe in the wonderful benefits of CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found naturally in some types of cannabis plants, called cannabis sativa. CBD is one of over 100 compounds (called cannabinoids) that’s found in cannabis plants — and each natural compound has their own benefits.

CBD products have been studied for its potential role in treating many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia (sleep disorders), skin ailments including acne, nausea, immune disorders, seizures, heart disease & much more. For those with cancer, it may even provide a natural alternative for pain and symptom relief.

Lab Results

View Lab Results for Dogs (COA)

View Lab Results for Cats (COA)

CBD Compliance

Compliance with existing laws and regulations is critical for all companies selling CBD products. Although this industry is growing there are federal guidelines and precedents as to labeling, cannabinoid concentrations, and claims about the effects of CBD-infused products. CBD Pure Beauty and our suppliers proudly complies with all existing guidelines, including:

  • The Agricultural Act of 2014
  • The Controlled Substances Act of 1970
  • Section 763 of The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2016

We also comply with all relevant state laws having jurisdiction over both nutritional supplements and hemp-derived products.

Recommended Use

As a food supplement, mix into food once or twice daily, or as directed by your veterinarian. The recommended serving size is 10 drops for pets up to 25lbs, 20 drops for 26-50lbs, or 30 drops (1/2 dropper) for pets over 50lbs.


Dog Version
Active Ingredient: Phytocannabinoids (CBD) 200mg
Other Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil

Cat Version
Active Ingredient: Phytocannabinoids (CBD) 200mg
Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil