What is the Best CBD Serving Size?

What is the Best CBD Serving Size?

Generally, we suggest following the CBD product’s recommended serving size for a full week. Make sure you’re taking it daily. The best time of day to take CBD is based on personal preference and when you feel CBD is needed in your body. Most people tend to take their CBD supplement in the morning, before bed, or half-and-half.

After that first week, if you feel like it’s working, stick with that same CBD serving or you can try taking less to see if you can save some.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied after the first week of usage, don’t be discouraged. If it’s your very first time ever ingesting CBD, it might take your body a week to use it optimally. Or, perhaps you just need to take a bit more. Try doubling your CBD serving size for the next week. You can continue this pattern until satisfied.

CBD Dosage Scenarios

The perfect serving size is different for everyone; some need more, others need less. It’s up to your experimentation to find the perfect CBD serving size for you.

CBD Serving Size Recommendations

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